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new york jets There’s More than One Way to Successfully Lead a Football TeamRex is Rex, Bill is Bill…and Both are Great Coaches:

There’s More than One Way to Successfully Lead a Football Team

I live in New York.  I am a die-hard Jets fan.  And yes, I love Rex Ryan.  I love his bluster.  I love the confidence he’s injected into the Jets franchise and its fan base.  I love the way he finds the right message to get his team keyed up every week.

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negotiate Five Tips to Properly Handle Heated NegotiationsThis is a guest post by University of Notre Dame.

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You know the scenario: you’re in the middle of sales negotiations when something goes terribly awry. The client is making demands and becomes very aggressive with you; you’re stressed and need to figure out how to meet the clients’ requirements while satisfying your own needs. You stare blankly at the client. Negotiations become tense and grind to a complete halt.

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effective meetings Are You Handling Your Meetings Effectively?Meetings.

Love them or hate them (and you most likely hate them), the chances are that meetings take up most of your day as a team manager.

People book in meetings for everything from a quick catch-up to a day-long workshop, and it’s expected that, as a manager of people, you will attend and then cascade what has been discussed to your staff.

With the average manager spending about half of their time each day in meetings of one form or another, it can seem as if your working life is all about talking, and you are left with barely any time for actually achieving your objectives.

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gain experience Gain Experience Through Everyday LifeThis is a guest post by Rebecca Palmer who is a staff writer for NorthOrion.com.

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The seemingly mundane experiences that make up your everyday life can be transformed into skills that increase your value in the workplace. The same tasks can be transformed from daily bores to steps on your personal path to happiness. The best part is that you don’t have to dramatically increase your workload or pay for specialized training to make it all happen; all it takes is cultivation of a paradigm shift.

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time management Manager Skills: Time Management For Busy ManagersOne of the most frequent questions I get asked by busy managers focuses upon the need to undertake effective time management.

How can we get everything done within short timescales?

How do we support our teams to deliver effectively, when it seems that everything which we need to get done should have been submitted yesterday?

Managing time is a hugely challenging skill, and yet with a few simple steps it’s possible to get on top of it once and for all, streamlining the management process and freeing up space to focus on what needs to get done.

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© Written By Jimmy Sweeney

President of CareerJimmy and Author of the new,

Job Interview “Secret”

There are thank you notes that cover basic etiquette, the kind that will get you by. “Thank you for meeting me to discuss the administrative assistant position at your company. I enjoyed speaking with you. Sincerely . . . ”

And then there are thank you letters that go the extra mile, the kind that not only express appreciation but also engage the interest of the hiring manager. Youll want to write one of those if you hope to be remembered, called back for a second interview, and considered a person of character and thoughtfulness.

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© Written By Jimmy Sweeney

President of CareerJimmy and Author of the new

Amazing Cover Letter Creator

Have you ever read a letter, article, or book that annoys you because of its high-falutin wording and pretentious tone?

The writer seems to think he or she is superior to the reader.

This can occur in a cover letter too. Some job seekers, eager to make a good impression, create a buffet of fancy words, hoping it will appeal to the hiring manager. However, just the opposite occurs. Such writing is not only inappropriate, its ineffective.

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task management Task Management For Busy ManagersLooking after staff.

Attending meetings.

Doing all your business as usual activities.

Relationship management, ad hoc requests, and dealing with unexpected issues.

Any team manager has a wealth of activities to undertake every day, that can make the simple task of actually doing your ‘real’ defined job seem almost impossible.

When we sit down each year and develop our list of objectives for the next twelve months, it’s rare for these peripheral activities to be even mentioned, let alone set out as criteria which your progress can be measured against.

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appraisal The Managers Guide To Doing Killer AppraisalsLove them or loath them, at least twice a year the inevitable appraisal time swings around, and you are faced with the task of reviewing the performance of your team.

While the format and structure of appraisals differ greatly, all performance reviews are designed for the same purposes:

  • To discuss the overall output of your team members and progress they have made
  • Identify any potential issues, and establish a plan for mitigating them
  • Discussing how your team feel about their role, your management, and the overall daily tasks which they undertake
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bonding How To Get Your Team To BondMention words such as team building, away days or employee bonding within any normal corporate team, and the chances are you’ll be greeted with sighs of apprehension or derision.

Traditionally, the thought of team building brings to mind ideas of building rafts, clearing cemeteries or picking up litter in the local park.

While most of these activities are perfectly reasonable, it’s sometimes difficult to see how taking valuable time out from the office can support your team to work more effectively together in the business environment.

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