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Just Got A Work Promotion? Let’s Celebrate (Or Maybe Not!)

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work promotion Just Got A Work Promotion? Let’s Celebrate (Or Maybe Not!)

Work promotion? Let's Celebrate...

You have the internal burning desire to get that elusive work promotion. That’s fine, most of us want to better ourselves, our lifestyles and one way to do it is to receive a work promotion along with a pay rise.

But something else comes along with work promotion and that is stress and extra work.

By being promoted, research has found your stress levels increase by 10% and you work 20% more hours.

Your stress levels go up because you have extra responsibility, extra working hours and a large sway towards work in the work/life balance.

So you might get a $5,000 pay rise but can you cope with the extra stress and working hours.

Will you be able to enjoy the extra money?

Some people are promoted to managerial positions because they were great at their previous role. They were successful in their previous role. But their previous role may have been very technical and they possess no skills in managing people or several tasks at the same time.

It can be difficult stepping up to Management.

Just imagine it.

You work hard to get that work promotion and you’re eager to do well in your new role. Then suddenly, truth hits home:

  • You are on your own
  • You are unsure of what is expected of you
  • You are missing the comfortable aspects of your previous role that you had finally mastered
  • You miss your trusted network of work colleagues
  • The politics within your new peer group is extensive
  • You are unsure how to build rapport with your new boss
  • You are given little or no support or guidance

This transition can be very stressful.

I have said this before but I’d like to re-iterate. If you have just been promoted to your first managerial role, one of the first things you should do is keep your boss happy and manage their expectations.

Simply ask them:

  • What does your boss want from you?
  • What does your boss love?
  • What does your boss hate?
  • What are their interests/hobbies?

So let’s decipher each question, a little.

1.    What does your boss want from you?

Knowing this will help prioritise your tasks. It will help you concentrate and also allow you to communicate with your teams. So if your boss wants you to improve the number of ‘widgets’ created every hour, you know what to concentrate on. You can now have that discussion with your teams. Get their input on the situation.

2.    What does your boss love?

Why is this important? Well if you know what they love (from a work point of view), you can do your utmost to ensure it happens. It could be as simple as, “I like the weekly budget figures on my desk at 8.00am every Tuesday without fail” or “You to keep your promises. If you say you are going to do something, then do it. That’s all I ask”

3.    What does your boss hate?

You might think this is the opposite of what does your boss love. Well it can be but still ask it because you might get a surprise answer. One boss I asked this to, a few years ago, hated ‘surprises’. “Do not tell me about a project issue when it’s too late to do something about it. Don’t hold on to it and try and resolve it yourself. Come to me as soon as there is a problem and let’s talk about how we resolve it together.” That’s great advice and great support.

4.    What are their interests/hobbies?

Why do you want to know this?

So you can start to build rapport. If they love running, you can ask lots of questions about their running habits. If they love cooking, you can ask lots of questions about their favourite recipes. Get to know your boss and by asking this question, you soon will.

These 4 simple questions ensure you instantly build rapport with your boss and can help reduce the stress levels you experience when you get that well deserved work promotion.

pixel Just Got A Work Promotion? Let’s Celebrate (Or Maybe Not!)
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  1. Thanks for letting me know the consequence of promotion. This helps us to prepare before hand.

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